How is MyHostControl support handled?

It depends on which organization you are affiliated with. For example, one of the organizations providing this service to their members has a full-time employee of that organization doing what we consider "first level" support. In many/most cases, your issue will be solved/answered directly by that employee. This is per the business arrangement that organization has with MyHostControl. If that employee needs assistance he/she will contact "second level" support at MyHostControl behind the scenes. Per this business arrangement, in many cases you will only hear from a staff member at your organization.

If you have further questions, or suggestions about the scope of benefits and support provided by your organization, you will need to contact your organization directly.

How can I contact the MyHostControl support team?

This will depend on the business arrangement with the organization that is providing our service to you. The standard mechanism is to visit and click "Open a new ticket".

How can I call the MyHostControl support team?

If the organization that is providing our service to you has arranged for phone support as part of their package, they will provide the phone number to you. If the MyHostControl support staff feels a need to call you for details, they will call you as necessary. You should always provide a phone number when opening a ticket, so that its possible for us to call you if necessary.

What if I am affiliated with the USCJ?

You should still open a support ticket as described above. For further assistance, you can also email or call 646-519-9280 during business hours (east coast time zone). For more information about USCJ web hosting, see