Email FAQ

Where do I set up physical/real mailboxes, forwarders and mailing lists? Do I use cPanel or Google Apps?

Within your cPanel account, click theĀ image icon, then sign in with your Google Apps user name and password, then click "Manage this domain". Note: You can give Google Apps "administrator" privileges to multiple people/user names. Do not share your password with other people.

How do I set up physical/real mailboxes at Google Apps?

To create a mailbox, create a user. Each user is automatically given a real mailbox. When creating users, follow the naming convention of first initial last name, and also tell Google the person's real first name and real last name. This is important for the collaboration tools where it records who made the last change to a document, or who updated a calendar.
It is much better to see that "Susan Cohen" made the change, not "admin"

How do I set up email forwarders at Google Apps? Or Mailing Lists/Listservs?

Google Apps calls these "groups". Each group can deliver mail to one or more email addresses. Within the Google Apps control panel, click Groups then "create new group. Be sure to check the box that this group is allowed to receive mail from anyone on the Internet. Then add "members" to the group. Each member can be either an email address such as or a Google Apps user, like Susan Kaplan.

How do I configure Outlook, other mail clients or smart phones?

Read the directions at: and

Note: The use of Outlook or other PC-based email clients is not needed nor recommended. People can always send and receive email using any web browser by going to the URL (If that address does not work, try

Do you offer another email option besides Google Apps?

Yes, but we will only make it available upon special request. We feel strongly that the Google Apps solution is superior primarily because of their strong anti-spam, group email features, and shared calendars. If you are absolutely sure that you do not want to use Google Apps, then send an email to and we will make this option available to you.

How can I get a free GoogleApps for Non-Profits account?

How can I upgrade my GoogleApps account to the Non-Profit Edition, so that I can get phone support from Google?

Use the large "Apply Now" button at
As part of the application, Google will ask for your organization's Federal EIN.
NOTE: Your organization MUST be listed as a non-profit with Guidestar before you start applying to Google for non-profit status. Go here:, put your EIN number in the "keywords" field and do a search to make sure it is there. If not, get your staff to apply to GuideStar for a listing.
Also Note: If you have previously applied to Google for a nonprofit upgrade and been rejected, you will need to use a different link. To re-apply, use the link

Once your application is approved by Google, they will automatically upgrade your existing GoogleApps account to the NonProfit version. Once that has happened, you will see the type of account you have listed along the top edge of the GoogleApps ControlPanel, and you will have access to Google phone support.

Where do I go to sign up for a free Google Apps account that can later on be upgraded to the Non-Profit Edition

Google now only offers free Google Apps accounts to non-profits that have a 501c3 IRS tax id. (If you are outside the US, contact Google for details on proving your non-profit status.)
Google does offer a free trial of Google Apps for Business, but it expires after a limited time. To learn more about Google Apps for Business, click here.

How can I send email from my PHP script in my webhosting account at MyHostControl?

You should use the "sendmail" function. This will utilize the local outbound mail server to send your email.If you are using a language other than PHP, you should use the equivalent local function in your programming language.